Difference Between Chocolate Diamonds & Brown Diamonds?

Who doesn’t like diamond; diamond is woman’s best friend! It is charming, irresistible and one unique stone that you can choose for wedding, engagement, or anniversary.  Choosing occasion can be pretty simple; however, it is not so simple when it comes to buying diamonds. As diamonds come in different colors, it is no wonder that confusion can happen when trying to find a difference.  In this blog, you can find difference between brown diamonds and chocolate diamonds. There is a lot to know about these special diamonds.  Let’s just find out.

 Chocolates are love!

Chocolate diamond is also known as brown diamond; however it doesn’t signify anything special about the diamond. The term Chocolate diamond is a marketing slogan, simply a tempting name.  There are several types of brown diamonds with extensive range of shades. People often ask an important question, is chocolate diamond fake? Well just because it is named as chocolate diamond doesn’t mean it is not natural.

How are Chocolate Diamonds made?

Chocolate diamonds are not made, but they are natural brown diamonds found beneath surface of the earth.  Brown diamonds are usually found under high pressure.  Similar to white diamonds, they still have to be cut but they are not artificially colored.

Like other type of diamond, brown chocolate can be lab created. Clearly, lab created brown diamond is less expensive than the original one. Lab created brown diamond is suitable for people with lower budget.

As stated chocolate diamonds are brown diamonds, there is minor difference though. A chocolate diamond is little darker in shade and it comes in brown shade with a grade above Z, according to a grading system introduced by Gemological Institute of America.  According to Gemological Institute of America, diamonds have color range from brightness to darkness where D being the brightest and Z the darkest. Darkest brown diamond is termed as chocolate diamond. If you are planning to buy a lighter color diamond, look for a diamond few grades lesser than the chocolate diamond.

 Aren’t all diamonds white?

A lot of people often think that all diamonds are white and are supposed to be white. Well all diamonds are not white; many of them are colored as well.  Do you know that large percentage of diamonds come out colored? and brown diamond is one of the unique kind.

Popularity of brown diamonds

 Chocolate diamonds have not always been popular; very few people knew the difference between brown gem and diamond. But with time brown diamonds have made a comeback. Because of latest technology, jewelers these days are been able to make precision cuts. In fact now brown diamond is sold as frequently as white diamond. Though white diamond is still leading!

 Be it a white diamond or brown, having clarity is very important while purchasing. Because remember, when the better the clarity more the worth of a time.  If you want to know more about chocolate diamond, this YouTube video will help.