Fun Alphabet Learning Apps For Pre-schoolers

In this era of technology, restricting screen time may hamper your child’s learning spectrum. App store is filled with numerous learning apps for toddlers that help them learn new skills in a fun and entertaining manner. When you see your child taking interest in mobiles/tablets, utilize this screen time in a constructive manner and make them learn alphabets in a colorful and fun way.

Recognizing alphabets allows preschoolers to know the difference between each letter and understand the purpose behind those letters. When they know the difference, the next step is to make the learn the sounds of each letter. Developing this recognition with alphabets is an extremely important preschool skill that will enhance the learning process of your toddler when they hit the school and develop strong decoding skills. These learning apps for toddlers are created to get children playfully interactive and explore new skills.

Let’s discover some of the best alphabet learning apps for toddlers:

  • Intro to letters

This app is designed to help your little one gets strong hold of alphabets. With intro to letters, your child can trace, read, write and record letter sounds, names and phonograms. This app features interesting illustrations that keeps the child engaged.

  • Elmo loves ABCs

One of the best learning apps for toddlers, Elmo loves ABCs is very appealing for young children because of its vast song collection, videos and games. The emphasis is to help toddlers learn letter names (both uppercase as well as lowercase), letter sounds and form different letter shapes.

  • Little writer

This is the best tracing app for kids that allows children to learn to correctly identify letter names and form letter shapes. Because of the fun and colorful interface, children love this app.

  • ABC Pocket Phonics

ABC Pocket Phonics is one of the favorite learning apps for toddlers that teaches them letter sounds, first-words and handwriting.

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics

This is a completely customizable app that teaches children to match a letter name or sound with its letter shape. This app has colorful animals and objects to keep the toddlers engaged and make learning a fun experience for them. This app allows parents to add personalized examples for their kids.

  • AlphaTots Alphabet

This app is perfect for all young children who need a fun push to help them learn alphabets. Each letter has a fun and interesting adventure to keep the child engaged and enhance the learning process.

  • Talking ABC

With its unique clay art animation, Talking ABC is one of a kind app. Contrary to other learning apps for toddlers, this app is very engaging and includes both letter names as well as sound modes, six fun games and a catchy alphabet song.

  • Hip Hop Hen: ABC jigsaw

In this learning app, the child is required to place the letter character back to the jigsaw puzzle. As the child places the letter back, they are reinforced with the phonetic letter sound.