The lure of diamonds lie in their sparkle. People are enthralled by the light that comes from this gem every time it moves. This is the same effect that you see when you walk into a jewelry store and see the dazzling displays all around you.

The challenge that people face is when they try to take photographs of their jewelry. Whether someone gave it to them or they bought it themselves, people, especially women, want to flaunt their diamonds. What they forget is that the most essential thing for a diamond’s sparkle is its movement. That is why, for most people, their attempts at taking pictures of their jewelry ends up disappointing. Here we will discuss ways for you to show off your diamond jewelry so that it gets noticed just like in the jewelry store.


Before we find out how to make a diamond sparkle, we need to understand the phenomena. A lot of factors affect the sparkle of the diamond like the cut, facet alignment, and proportions. When the light enters the diamond, it is divided into multiple rays which then make their way out of the diamond and create the effects of illumination, vibrancy, and radiation that everyone loves. The important thing, which is controlled by the photographer here, is the light. So let’s find out how we can control the environment to ensure the perfect picture, every time.


You must have noticed how your diamond set glows and glitters on a beautiful sunny day. However, the same diamond set will appear lackluster and dull on a cloudy day. That is because of the light that shines on it.

When taking a picture of yourself while you’re wearing the diamond set, or necklace, you have to make sure that the lighting is just right and the angle is perfect.

When a soft light is put near the object, it creates shadows around the article but doesn’t create the brilliance and glow that the diamond is known for. If you want that, you have to find a source of hard light that is positioned at a distance from the object.

The best way to do it, is to combine both the lights together. This will not only produce the shimmering, winking effect that you want, but it will also give your Chocolate Diamond® jewelry a dramatic look while capturing all its beauty and vibrancy. You will have to experiment with it a little before you can take the perfect picture.


Although the camera flash is a good source of hard light, it is still inefficient to get you the result that you’re looking for. The extreme and sudden harsh light of the flash can create shadows around the object and the glare that seems to come out of the object, which is extremely undesirable.

Instead of the camera flash, use other sources of light that can be put close to the object like bare bulbs or L.E.D.s. This will give you the radiance and illumination that you want.