Meet Your Online Tutor

Have you ever been absolutely clueless about the topic that was going to be tested in the upcoming quiz? Or have you ever been unable to solve the questions given in the homework assignment due next week? Have you ever just wanted someone to explain that mathematical concept you have been trying to understand since a week now? If your answer was yes to any one of the questions mentioned then keep reading further because this article will introduce to one such application that will help you fix all of your academic problems.

Being a student, attending all those consecutive hours of classes and then coming home to a pile of homework and assignments is not an easy task and we understand that very well. Excelling in every single subject gets quite hard when there are so many to focus on. It is quite a common struggle most students face either at school or college and have tried multiple ways of overcoming it. Some days studying by one’s own self and trying to understand a topic without an individual’s help may get difficult.

This is where study groups and combine studies can be of no use as well since they come with their own drawbacks. Therefore, many youngsters tend to like the idea of an expert teaching them, rather than a friend, when they are not able to cope up with a specific subject within the class hours. Since it is very difficult these days, to find someone who will guarantee their understanding, it is one major problem in the academic world.

Keeping in mind these set of problems, we decided to create an application that can be a student’s best friend and can help them achieve their academic goals. This digital tutor app helps students connect to a tutor by picking one for which ever subject they would like to learn more about or practice. For students who are willing to get better at any particular subject, our application consists of a vast variety of subjects that can be learned.

It provides an easy access to a tutor within one’s location further nullifying the issue of uncommon methods of teaching and learning. Just by the click of a button one is able to find their required tutor for their required subject or topic. For better understanding, one can think of it as: what Uber is for passengers and captains, this is for students and tutors. Hence playing a major role in a student’s life.

Apart from the most usual subjects taught at nearly every other institute, it also teaches subjects like music and arts so that not only students at school, but individuals willing to learn a skill for their own character development and understanding can make use of it. Pupils who are not able to study a particular subject at school can use this medium as a way of gaining extra knowledge and learning more about the topic that they have always wanted to.

Not only that, but this application also gives such individuals opportunity who are willing to share their teaching methods and can share their knowledge if they are expert in one or more subjects. People who are passionate about their field or just one of their favorite topic can provide help to their fellow peers all over the globe. Hence, also providing people with the option of tutoring other individuals and making extra money while staying at home.

Now what sets this medium of learning and teaching apart from all the rest of them is that it is an online, portable and a very convenient way of communication. Since it can be very easily operated using a cellphone with the only extra need of an internet connection, it can be used by almost every individual with no trouble at all. Moreover, it is less time consuming than the typical method of tutoring and much more affordable due to the fact that it is real time and does not need two individuals to be at the same place at the same time.

In this era of digitization and technology, students must use this upgrade as a way of progressing in the academic fields and getting better at as many subjects possible since now the process of learning has become much easier than ever before. This application is a step up and can be used by any individual at all with absolute convenience hence those willing to excel and potentially get better grades are recommended to make use of it.