Must Know App Store Optimization Tips

Having a unique app is not enough anymore. You need to give it a boost by coming up with a mobile app marketing plan. With millions of apps clustering the app stores, launching mobile app marketing campaigns for marketing mobile apps online is the only tried and tested method to make sure your app reaches its target audience.

Searching is a must in app stores, and where there is search, there is optimization. Combining optimization and search, we bring you a core practice of mobile app marketing:  app store optimization.

According to a Forrester report, the most popular method to discover and download an app was browsing through the app store.

Moving on, here’s what a post on Entrepreneur had to say about ASO:

The best way to find apps is by improving your own app’s ranking, which can be done through what’s called app store optimization (ASO)”


Are you ready to start planning an exceptional campaign with an app marketing agency?

Read these tips first:

  1. Choose a smart app name

When a user browses for an app, the app store algorithm looks for keywords. If your app has a keyword in its title, brace yourself for an increased ranking! Beware, though. Do not fall for spammy practices. Add keywords but with caution.

  1. App subtitle

Reinforce your app message in the subtitle space available in iOS11. You can further use keywords in app subtitle space to communicate with the audience and boost your ranking.

(Need help with choosing a balanced app name and app subtitle? A mobile app marketing agency will be of great help here.)

  1. App description passage

Users can tell under 3 seconds, according to these app marketing tips, what your app does. You have only a 3-second window of opportunity to convince the user your app is worth it.

How will you do it?

By writing a powerful app description. The first line of the passage needs to pack a punch in order to garner the user’s interest and have them click “read more”. From there on the rest of the passage should live up to the expectations.

  1. App ratings

People trust ratings and reviews as much as they trust word of mouth – which is saying a lot. All the optimization tips and app marketing companies in the world will be of no use if you don’t have a good user rating. As a part of your mobile app marketing strategy, make sure user ratings are improved so that they don’t act as an obstacle to your app store optimization.

App store optimization is not a one size fits all shoe; what works for Apple Store doesn’t necessarily work for Play Store. When hiring mobile app marketing services, make sure they are well informed about the nitty-gritty of app marketing.